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A Transformational Space That Welcomes All

Meditation Studio Lobby

This meditation studio lobby is designed to captivate the mind and heart from the moment you step through the doors. This enchanting space features a mesmerizing golden ombre painted wall adorned with numerous flickering LED candles, a large reclaimed wooden desk, and ambient music, creating a welcoming and immersive experience.

Our team of visionary designers has meticulously crafted this meditation studio lobby to be a haven of tranquility and serenity. With every detail carefully considered, we aimed to create an environment that instantly transports you to a state of relaxation and mindfulness, setting the tone for your wellness journey.

As you enter the lobby, your eyes are immediately drawn to the magnificent golden ombre painted wall. The gradient of golden hues, carefully applied, creates a mesmerizing visual effect that symbolizes transformation and renewal. Adorning this radiant wall are numerous flickering LED candles, casting a warm and gentle glow throughout the space, enhancing the sense of tranquility and creating an inviting ambiance.

In the center of the lobby, a large reclaimed wooden desk stands as a focal point, exuding rustic charm and natural beauty. This sturdy desk serves as a welcoming point of contact for guests, where they can receive a warm greeting and any necessary information. The reclaimed wood not only adds visual interest but also promotes a connection to nature and sustainability, aligning with the principles of well-being and holistic living.

To further enhance the sensory experience, soft ambient music fills the air, creating a soothing atmosphere that instantly calms the mind and eases tension. The carefully curated playlist features gentle melodies and peaceful sounds, promoting relaxation and a sense of inner harmony.

At Mindful Space Designs, we create spaces that nurture the mind, body, and soul.


  • Golden ombre painted wall
  • Flickering LED candles.
  • Custom wooden logo.
  • Large reclaimed wooden desk.
  • Touch of nature with potted plants.
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